Asia Pacific Forestry Week, Hanoi, Vietnam, 21 April 2008

During the Asia Pacific Forestry Week 21-26 April 2008, Hanoi, Vietnam, The Steering Committee Meeting of Teaknet was held at 1.00 PM on 21 April 2008. The Meeting was attended by 18 participants from different countries.


Teaknet Activities


Dr. Daniel Baskaran Krishnapillay, Teaknet Steering Committee Member Malaysia, moderated the meeting in the absence of Dr. S. Appanah, National Programme Advisor, FAO, Bangkok, who was preoccupied with the organisation of other activities of the Asia Pacific Forestry Week event. The Chair welcomed the Steering Committee Members and other invitees/Observers to the meeting and presented the agenda addressing the following major issues.


Dr. K M Bhat, Teaknet Coordinator Designate, from Kerala Forest Research Institute India made a detailed presentation on the activities and initiatives taken after the establishment of Teaknet Secretariat with the support from FAO RAP as seed money with effect from January 2008. His presentation included the following aspects and proposed activities:


  • Context/rationale and Objectives
  • Structure and functions of the Steering Committee including the tentative present composition (Annex II), framing of new regulations/bylaws, Membership fee (Institutional/individual), and estimated budget to the tune of minimal of US $ 700,000.
  • The major activities envisaged in the programme include:

1.     Collection of all literature pertinent to the teak development and dissemination of relevant information by publication of quarterly newsletters/information bulletins and abstracts of applied research findings to cater to the needs of international stakeholders.

2.     Facilitation of the organization of training programme on teak cultivation, management and processing for value-added products

3.     Development of data bases/directory on international teak resources, price and trade trends, including directory of teak experts/researchers and scientific literature/world teak bibliography in the Website.

4.     Facilitate the exchange of expertise among the countries/institutions which are members of the network.

5.     Facilitation of the exchange of genetic material/wood samples as well as improved planting stock for plantation trials

6.     Organize Regional/international Seminar at the end of Phase I (after 3 years)

7.     Identification of Country level coordinator/Focal points

8.     Publication of news bulletins (Electronic and hard copy) and information dissemination

9.     Formation of Subject/Working Groups and coordination of collaborative studies in critical areas and holding of review international meetings.


Discussion was held on the composition of Steering Committee to represent different sectors, viz. teak growers/resource managers, traders, focal points of major producer countries/regions and the donor agencies including private sectors for supporting teaknet activities.


The general consensus was that the membership may be expanded to accommodate the supporting donor agencies, active NGOs of teak development concerns/ private sectors and other teak growing regions like Latin America by not restricting to the Governmental focal points of the countries, subject to the approval by FAO.


1.     To receive technical support from various countries/regions, formation of Regional/Country Working Groups will facilitate charting out of teaknet activities especially to meet the needs of international/national stakeholders.

Support from Donor Agencies to Teaknet

The issue of the support from developmental agencies was raised by many participants. The major outcomes of the discussions include:


The representative from the International Tropical Timber Organisation (ITTO) mentioned that they have primary interest in teak development programme as it is a high quality tropical hardwood extensively planted in more than 36 tropical countries while its natural occurrence is confined to Asian Region representing India, Myanmar, Thailand and Laos.

1.     Although Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) supports the development programme, being a bilateral agency, has limited opportunity of offering direct support to teaknet. Nevertheless, the focal point from Japan- the Forest Tree Breeding Centre may negotiate with ITTO for mobilising the support if such a proposal comes from the host country.

2.     After reviewing the present activities presented from Kerala Forest Research Institute India, Mr. Søren Moestrup, the Special Consultant, Development Assistance of the Danish Centre for Forest, Landscape & Planning (DANIDA), Faculty of Life Sciences University of Copenhagen showed keen interest and offered the opportunity of getting substantial financial support from European Union. He invited the representatives of Teaknet Steering Committee to visit Copenhagen for making a joint proposal from Denmark in the immediate future.


 Annex I: List of Participants






Mr. Ahmad Loman

Ministry of Plantation industries and commodities, Level 6-13, Lot 2G4, Precint -2, Federal Government Administrative Centre- 62654, Putrajaya, Malaysia


Mr. Amha Bin Buang

Assistant Director, ITTO, Japan


Dr. Ashok Kumar

Division of Genetics, Forest Research Institute, P.O IPE, Dehradun- 248 195, India,


Dr. K.M Bhat

Programme Coordinator, , Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi - 680 653, Kerala


Mr. Chudchawan Sutthisrisilapa

Department of National Park, Wild Life and Plant Conservation, Thailand,


Dr. Daniel B. Krishnapillay

Director (Rtd.), Forest Plantation and Medicinal Plant Division Forest Research Institute, Malaysia, Kepong- 52109, Kuala Lumpur


Mr. Hiroshi Nakata

Advisor, Japan International Cooperation Agency, Japan


Mr. Ichiro Nagame

Director- General, Tree Breeding Centre, FFPRI, Japan


Mr. Khorn Saret

Forestry Administration(MAFF), Cambodia


Dr. Michael Truckenbrodt

Faculty of Forestry National University of Laos, Vientiane, Laos



Prof. Dr. Mond Hamami Sahri

Faculty of Forestry, Universiti Putra Malaysia 43400, Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia


Mr. Moung Moung Pyone

Forest Department, Ministry of Forestry, Forest Department, Myanmar


Mr. Soe Win Halaing

Director General, Ministry of Forestry, Forest Department, Myanmar


Mr. Sǿren Moestrup

Forest and Landscape, University of Copenhagen, Denmark


Dr. Suree Lakanavichian

Chiang Mai University, Forest and People Research Centre, Thailand


Mr. Tim Dawson

Arbor Vetum Ltd, Vietnam

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TEAKNET Partner Event in the 4th ICPF 2018


TEAKNET Partner Event in the

4th International Congress on Planted Forests

23-27 October 2018, Beijing, China


TEAKNET and IUFRO Teakwood Working Party (Div 5.06.02) with the support of FAO the United Nations Regional Office for Asia Pacific (FAO RAP), Bangkok successfully organised a Partner Event on Teak Mainstreaming High Quality Timber Production from Planted Teak Forests and Efforts for Conservation of Teak Genetic Resources” on the occasion of FAO’s 4th International Congress on Planted Forests 2018 at China National Convention Centre on 23 October 2018, Beijing. The Executive Director of IUFRO, Dr. Alexander Buck delivered a felicitation address and briefed about IUFRO, the world leader of global network of forest science cooperation and touched upon the teak related activities under the teakwood working party since almost a decade. 

Delegates from Asia Pacific, South America, Europe and Africa attended the session. Participants from 20 countries deliberated over a wide range of topics on various issues of teak cultivation, conservation of genetic resources, forest landscape restoration, marketing and trade. Dr. Benjamin Caldwell (FAO-Rome), Mr. Kenichi Shono (FAO RAP- Bangkok) chaired the Sessions and Dr. Tetra Yanuaridi (ITTO – Japan) lead the panel discussion that followed. 


Download Presentations of the Partner Event


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