Teaknet Webinars

The 25 th anniversary of TEAKNET is celebrated in 2020 and TEAKNET conducted a series of WEBINARS as part of its Silver Jubilee celebration. Topics of broad topical interest are covered in the WEBINARS and please see the details below.

Webinar 1

The webinar series was inaugurated with opening remarks by Mr. Thomas Hofer, Senior Forestry Officer from FAO– RAP, Bangkok and the first webinar in the series was delivered on the topic "The future of Production and Trade of Teak: Emerging Scenarios in a Changing World "by Dr. CTS Nair who was the key architect for establishing the TEAKNET while serving in FAO-RAP

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Webinar 2

The second on this line was delivered by Dr. Sinan Sebastian Hagenah from University of Goettingen, Germany on the topic "Population genetic considerations or selection of plant reproductive material of teak (Tectona grandis)". He has extensive knowledge and experience in the dynamic in-situ and ex-situ conservation of teak genetic resources and the design and implementation of holistic breeding approaches.

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Webinar 3

The third presentation was delivered by Mr. RT Somaiya, Former President of the Timber Importers Association of India on the topic “Teak Timber Markets in the Post Covid Era” wherein he shared his 70 years of experience in the teak wood trade.

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Webinar 4

Dr. James Roshetko from World Agroforestry Centre, Indonesia talked on the topic "Smallholder Teak Systems - Value Addition and Management for Livelihood Enhancement in Southeast Asia".

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Webinar 5

The fifth presentation was given by Dr. Suwan Tangmitcharoen from the Royal Forest Department, Thailand on the topic Conservation and Tree Improvement of Teak in South East Asia”.

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Webinar 6

The sixth presentation was given byDr. Ernest Foli, Principal Research Scientist from Forest Research Institute of Ghana talked on the topic “Management models for incorporation of trees in farming systems in Ghana .

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Webinar 7

The seventh lecture was given by Dr. Hwan Ok Ma, Project Manager from International Tropical Timber Organisation (ITTO), Japan delivered a lecture on the topic "Legal and Sustainable Supply Chains for Responsible Trade of Teakwood"

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Webinar 8

Dr. Jean Cossi GANGLO, University of Abomey-Calavi (Benin) talked on the Topic "Relict semi deciduous forests, teak plantations and biodiversity conservation in West Africa: Case of Benin"

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Webinar 9

The nineth lecture was given by Dr. K.C. Chacko, Regional Director, NMPB, Regional-cum- Facilitation Centre (Sothern Region), Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi, Kerala, India on the Topic "Target Planting Material Production in Teak: Principles and Practices"

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Webinar 10

Mr. Sylvio Coutinho from Teak Resources Company, Singapore talked on the topic "Best practices in sustainable teak plantation management""

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