Membership of TEAKNET is open to individuals and institutions engaged/ interested in any aspect of teak. Members are entitled to present their requirements with respect to any information they need regarding teak, to the Secretariat. The secretariat maintains a Teak Information Centre wherein available literature on teak is stored. The information requested will be supplied to the extent available. Such information may include not only scientific information but also that of interest to traders like availability and price of teakwood, plantations or products from teakwood. Additionally, it is planned to develop an international database on global teak resources which will be hosted in the website and will also form the basis of many scientific studies later. Members will also be eligible to communicate their felt needs with regard to any issue or problem which TEAKNET could possibly handle.



  • Free access to information/ reports/ articles/ directory/ price trends of teak logs in auctions etc. useful to teak growers, traders, researchers and policy makers from TEAKNET website.
  • Invitations to periodical national and international meetings/ workshops/ conferences etc. and limited travel support to selected participants.
  • Professional assistance in teak related problems such as in the selection of superior planting stock, cultivation, wood quality assessment, addressing pests and diseases etc.

Membership Fee


Type of Membership               Membership Fee (US$)            
        Annual     Lifetime
Individual            30                 400         
Institutional/Organization 250         4000         


Being a Teaknet Member, you will be allotted a Membership number for login to the TEAKNET website.


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Download the Application Form to become a member of Teaknet. Membership applications should be sent to the TEAKNET Secretariat by email, fax or mail.


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WEBINAR Series 1 by Dr. CTS Nair on the topic "The Future of Production and Trade of Teak: Emerging Scenarios in a Changing World". 

Click here to watch the full video   


WEBINAR Series 2 by Sinan Hagenah on the topic "Population genetic considerations for selection of plant reproductive material of teak (Tectona grandis)". 





ITTO Project on Sustainable Teak Management for Mekong subregion

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The ITTO Teak project  "Enhancing Conservation and Sustainable Management of Teak Forests and Legal and Sustainable Wood Supply Chains in the Greater Mekong Sub-region" commenced its activity since March 2019. We are happy to bring out an online bi-monthly newsletter highlighting the implementation of the project activities and teak-based research and development information including teak supply and consumption for our esteemed readers.



TEAKNET Directory Online Form

TEAKNET Directory

We are updating our TEAKNET Directory of Traders, Planters, Government Officials and Researchers in order to effectively link all the stakeholders across the globe and share information and events related to teak.


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