3rd World Teak Conference 2015, 11-15 May 2015, Guayaquil, Ecuador

The 3rd World Teak Conference 2015 with the theme “Strengthening Global Teak Resources and Markets for Sustainable Development" was held in Guayaquil, Ecuador during 11-15 May 2015. The Conference was attended by 341 registered participants from 35 countries representing 5 continents, to share knowledge and experience and to exchange ideas on the multiple economic, social and environmental benefits that teak resources can provide. The participants represented government institutions, the private sector, universities, research institutes, international and non-governmental organizations. A detailed report and Abstracts of the conference can be downloaded.









Session I: Economics, Investments, Markets and Trade

  1. Global Teak Trade in the Aftermath of Myanmar’s Log Export Ban
  2. Current status of legal framework and administrative procedures in Myanmar
  3. Principales Componentes de la Rentabilidad y las Oportunidades de Mercadeo de la Teca
  4. Insights into the Teak Market from a Latin American Perspective
  5. Return Drivers on Teak Plantations
  6. Proposal for a joint effort to promote plantation teak through a Global Teak Association
  7. Financial Model for a Tree Breeding Program (TBP) with Teak
  8. Teak - Perception and Usage in India


Session II: Genetics, Tree Improvement, Silviculture & Wood Quality

  1. Teak clonal forestry:Rationale, first accomplishments and suggestions
  2. Genetic Improvement of Teak in India for Growth and Timber quality
  3. Genetic diversity and breeding of teak in Myanmar
  4. Experiencias y tendencias al analizar el manejo aplicado a diferentes rodales de teca
  5. Worldwide Teak Resources: Genetic Map of Natural Populations
  6. Mejoramiento genético de teca (Tectona grandis Linn. f.) asistido por marcadores moleculares
  7. Heartwood Colour Variation in Different Geographical Provenances of Teak at 27 Year-old
  8. Functional genome of Teak
  9. Top Teak – From Test Tube to Worldwide Exportation
  10. Towards Securing Geographical Indications Status for Nilambur Teak – The Wood Quality Perspective


Session III: Management Models for Different Value Chains, including Small Holder



  1. Enhancing key elements of the value chain for plantation grown wood in Lao PDR
  2. Models of smallholder teak production in Indonesia: the emerging dominant value chain
  3. Modeling a Planning and Management System for Industrial Forest Plantations
  4. Promoting teak plantation development in Uganda: Sawlog Production Grant Scheme (SPGS) model
  5. Simulador de crecimiento y secuestro de carbono para plantaciones de teca
  6. Future Perspectives of TEAKENT



Session IV: Teak Plantation Management & Environmental Protection


  1. Teak Plantations embedded in the natural landscape
  2. Key Factors For Optimal Growth of Teak
  3. Plagas y Enfermedades en Plantaciones de Teca en Centroamérica
  4. Técnicas de mecanización para el mejoramiento de las condiciones físicas del suelo y aumento de la productividad de plantaciones nuevas y ya establecidas de Tectona grandis
  5. Teak Nutrient Disorder Symptoms In a Hydroponic System Correlated With Near-infrared Spectroscopy (NIR) models
  6. Long Term Assessment Of The Growth And Yield Of 15 Years Old Plantation Grown Teak
  7. Fire management at Kilombero Valley Teak Company
  8. Wind damage was related to thinning intensity in 10 yr teak 


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WEBINAR Series 1 by Dr. CTS Nair on the topic "The Future of Production and Trade of Teak: Emerging Scenarios in a Changing World". 

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WEBINAR Series 2 by Sinan Hagenah on the topic "Population genetic considerations for selection of plant reproductive material of teak (Tectona grandis)". 





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