ITTO’s Tropical Forest Update (No. 26/2)

The latest issue (No. 26/2) of ITTO’s Tropical Forest Update (TFU) has released. The issue features an interview with Dr Gerhard Dieterle, ITTO’s Executive Director, where he laid out his vision on the potential of tropical forest to address global issues and ITTO’s role in this.

Other feature in this issue include:

·         The forgotten wetlands

·         The trees left behind

·         Benin’s new system for improving forest data

·         Livelihoods and the law

·         Fellowship report on shihuahuaco (Dipteryx) seed collection

·         Market trends on Japan’s tropical timber imports

·         Recent editions

·         Meetings


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IUFRO All Division 5 Conference 2017-Vancouver, British Columbia




TEAKNET Partner Event in the IUFRO Division 5 Conference

TEAKNET in association with Teakwood Working Party of IUFRO (Division 5.06.02) organized a Technical Session on “Teak Resources for a Sustainable Future” during the Conference.

Conference Details


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