“Teak Resources for a Sustainable Future”, TEAKNET Partner Event in the IUFRO 2017 All Division 5 (Forest Products) Conference,12-16 June, Vancouver, BC, Canada

As part of IUFRO All Division 5 Conference with the theme ‘Forest Sector Innovations for a Greener Future’, TEAKNET in association with IUFRO Teakwood Working Party (Div 5.06.02) organized a Partner Event “Teak Resources for a Sustainable Future” on Friday, 16 June 2017 at Port of Singapore, Hotel Pinnacle Harbourfront, Vancouver. Delegates from the Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and from other regions attended the Partner Event.

Prof. (Dr.) Yafang Yin from Chinese Academy of Forestry and Executive Secretary of International Association of Wood Anatomists (IAWA), Leiden, The Netherlands chaired and moderated the session. In this Session, five oral papers and one poster was presented.

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Presentations in the Partner Event


Development of Teak Market and Industry: Challenges and ways forward

Tetra Yanuariadi, ITTO, Japan


Genetic gain in clonal deployment of teak (Tectona grandis Linn. f.) and operational implications at Novelteak Costa Rica

Mario Espinoza, Novelteak, Costa Rica


TEAKNET: a complete networking solution for the teak stakeholders

Sreelakshmy MP, Thulasidas PK; TEAKNET, India


Effect of thermo-treatment on the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of wood Tectona grandis and Gmelina arborea from forest plantations

Roger Moya, Costa Rica


Global Teak Support Program for conservation and sustainable use of teak genetic resources

Thulasidas PK (TEAKNET); Michael Kleine (IUFRO); Walter Kollert (FAO)





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TEAKNET Partner Event in the 4th ICPF 2018


TEAKNET Partner Event in the

4th International Congress on Planted Forests

23-27 October 2018, Beijing, China


TEAKNET will be participating and organizing a Partner Event during the 4th International Congress on Planted Forests with the support of FAO and IUFRO Teakwood Working Party (Div.5.06.2). Teaknet Event is in Session A-01 entitled 'Mainstreaming high-quality timber production from planted teak forests and efforts for conservation of teak genetic resources'.

A detailed programme schedule is given below and we invite all the delegates to attend our Event. 


Programme Schedule


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